About Wyona

Wyona is the leading integrator, solution and service provider of Java and XML based Open Source Content Management and Integration Solutions. We have built internet, intranet and extranet solutoins all over the world and are one of the key opinion leaders and contributors of the Open Source community.

Wyona is the original developer of Apache Lenya, which was formerly known as Wyona CMS and was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in spring 2003. We are still a member of the Apache Software Foundation and an active contributor and partially committer to a number of influencial open source projects.

In 2006 Wyona started to develop Yanel, to make content management simpler and more professional. In 2014 Wyona started Yulup, to make continuous integration, delivery and deployment simpler and more agile.

Wyona is focusing on the Apache Software Stack and is delivering customized software solutions on time and within budget, free of vendor lock-in.

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