Apache Jackrabbit, JCR and JSR 170/283

JSR170/283 is one of the most important open standards in the context of ECM (enterprise content management) and CMS (content management systems). JSR170/283 simplifies and standarizes the access to different content repositories. The Java Content Repository (JCR) implements this standard and provides the functionality to import, migrate, create, edits, search, etc. content elements.

Apache Jackrabbit is an implementation of the JCR standard following the JSR 170/283 definitions. More about Jackrabbit is documented on the Apache Foundation pages.

Apache Jackrabbit can be used to implement content centric web applications. Yanel, the CMS from Wyona, is able to use its own content repository (YAREP) and Jackrabbit (or any other JCR) as well.

Wyona has worked with different JCRs during the last years and is well equipped to support project on the basis of Jackrabbit or other JCRs.


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