Yanel CMS

Yanel is a modern Open Source Content Management System/Framework showcasing innovative and future oriented solutions for all concerns around the administration, managment and distribution of online content. Key advantages and differentiators of Yanel are:

  • Open Source: Full transparency for the buyer, i.e. full access to source code, ticketing systems, documentation, roadmap, etc. No license fees and no provider lock-in situation. Yanel is published under the Apache Software License 2.0 (OSI certified). Anybody can modify and distribute the code with basically no limitations. The ASL 2.0 is very open and liberal and doesn't contain viral elements, different to other Open Source licenses such as the GPL.
  • Platform independence: Yanel runs on many different platforms, i.e. various Linux versions, Mac OS X, Windows and basically any platform that can support Java.
  • Backward and forward compatible: Yanel has been built on the basis of a resource framework interacting through version published APIs. Thanks to this, iterative development and continuous integration of custom functionality is possible without influencing the backward and to some extent the forward compatibility. In reality any Yanel user can upgrade to a newer version of Yanel at any given moment regardless of whether new resources have been added or functionality has been added.
  • Flexible integration in existing environments: Yanel uses data abstraction layers, to allow access to many different data stores, i.e. file system, subversion, relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ingres, Oracle 10g, etc.), XML databases, and others.
  • Flexible and easy Editing Tools: Yanel separates the user interface from the application on the server side by applying independent protocols such as the Neutron protocol, the Atom Publishing protocol and/or WebDav. With this architecture the editing tools can be selected depending on the specific needs. This includes a choice of Ajax-clients and client-side editing tools such as Yulup, OpenOffice, Word or Xopus. It is also possible to use multiple editing tools in parallel, tailored to the specific needs of the user segments.
  • Separation of layout and content: Layout and content can be entirely separated thanks to the use of XSLT and a number of different presentation template languages/frameworks. This offers the advantage of interpreting/changing them independently from each other.
  • Publication and Site Management flexibility: Multiple sites can be freely integrated into each other. An advanced reverse proxy support offers a lot of flexibility for the operatonal processes.
  • Advanced Security: Yanel is focused on enabling as much security as needed, including the integration of LDAP (out of the box) and SSL.

Yanel has been developed in Java and applies open standards where possible, including XML, XSLT, JCR, OBDC, Atom, Neutron, Webdav, to name just a few.

Yanel is the only known CMS that has implemented the separation of editing environment and data organization in its full consequence. With this "external" editors can be used to manage the content, for example the Firefox plug-in Yulup.

Utilizing Yanel means to protect your investments! This is more and more important because unlike some years ago, it's not possible to completely redo your website every 3-5 years. With the growing number of assets and pages created, migration and open standards have become much more important in content management.

The future viability and sustainability of Yanel is based on three pillars: Open Source, professional integration partners and strong customers/users leveraging always the latest and best from the Yanel code repository thanks to the unlimited backward and forward compatibility.

Yanel does better than most of its CMS competitors in protecting your investments:

  • Yanel is a very active project. New innovative functionality is constantly added. Features such as marketing automation or embedded social networking, currently running in a close beta time window, will be available for all Yanel users. Yanel is probably the most open and extendable CMS on the market today.
  • Yanel is Open Source. At the same time Yanel is supported by professional services partners (i.e. Wyona AG) to ensure quality and advanced service levels. If needed enterprises can ask for tailored support subscriptions and professional advice/consutling. 
  • Yanel is designed to support large enterprises and organizations. It offers clustering and advanced scalability and performance out of the box. 
  • Yanel is always backward compatible and to the level possible forward compatible too. This means that Yanel users can always upgrade to the latest and best Yanel release regardless of the enhancements and extensions they have developed themselves. This is in no way a standard with other systems. Many of our customers have turned to Wyona/Yanel because they made bad experiences with not being able to migrate their systems anymore.


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