Yanel Editions

Based on the Yanel Web Framework (Yanel WAF) and Web Content Management Integration (Yanel WCMI) platform Wyona is developing industry and application specific product platforms. With these platforms - we call them Yanel Editions - Wyona customers can optimize their information management and online channel interaction processes massively.

Currently four Yanel Editions are available:

  • Yanel Open Standards CMS Enterprise Edition - scalable and professionally supported version of the Open Source Yanel CMS for large organizations and enterprises with extended functionality and additional features
  • Yanel Boost - Online Business Development Engine - platform to generate and nurture more and better sales leads online (marketing automation) and to also establish more meaningful interactions with online visitors 
  • Yanel Impress - Social Media - Connecting Online Media and Social Networking - think "facebook" meets "new york times"
  • Yanel Online Product Promotion - manage and distribute your consolidated product data along multiple platforms (for example inspiration website, eCommerce shop) and channels

Yanel Open Standard CMS Enterprise Edition

Many of today's implemented content management systems (CMS) do not support today's business requirements any more. Some are not flexible enough, many too expensive to maintain and operate, many do not scale with the growth of traffic and content richness, some are not capable of being upgraded and migrated, many are not maintainable any more.

Requirements for CMS are multi-facetted today. Dealing with multi media is as important, as the support of typical web 2.0 requirements, rich internet applications, integration friendliness, social networking collaboration, syndication or search engine optimization.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of CMS around, most fail to really support the modern enterprise.

Wyona's Yanel Open Standard CMS Enterprise Edition is a modern Content Management System that is able to respond to most modern enterprise needs for content management. Thanks to versioned APIs and a clever architecture and modularization, Yanel can offer an almost unlimited upgrade security and backward compatibility. Yanel's extensibility and flexibility is unmatched in the market. And with the decision to implement Yanel with Java and to license it as Apache 2.0 Open Source Technology it is guaranteed that Yanel is a future proof instrument for enterprises needing a content management platform. Successful implementations (for example globus.ch, the leading Swiss shopping mall) prove this.

The Yanel Open Standard CMS Edition is based on Open Source technologies from Wyona. Thanks to rigid development and quality assurance processes Wyona is able to offer Subscriptions to secure maintenance and enhancement. 

Functionality wise Yanel is second to none, but differentiation is more in the long-term focused architecture, built in flexibility and extensibility, and of course in the openness for integration, collaboration and syndication. There are practically no use cases in the content management world Yanel can't cope with.

The Yanel Open Standard CMS Edition is based on the “Yanel Web Application Framework” and “Yanel Content Management and Integration“ and builds a highly flexible platform for simple and highly complex bespoke web applications. 

Cost of ownership and integration cost is typically low and investment protection is secured thanks to the Wyona three pillar model. This results in low operation costs, rapid business benefits and a fast ROI of the project. 

Yanel Online Business Development Engine (Yanel Boost)

Imagine you are in a shopping mall. You walk around, look at various things, can’t find the information you are looking for and try to find somebody to help. But nobody wants to advise you, nobody wants to sell. Actually, sales people seem to hide under the counter when you try to approach them.
Imagine sales people in the same shopping mall. They have aggressive sales targets and all reasons to approach customers. But they have no memory and the potential customers seem to be out of focus. How should the sales people decide who to talk you? It’s pure luck!
This is how the majority of today’s online channels work and behave. And this is bad for business. Yanel Boost is solving exactly this business challenge by offering the features and functionalities that make it both easy and effective to track every visitor on the web, to collect information about these visitors and to convert them into identified sales leads that can be built relationships with in a highly automated and effective way.

People use the internet more and more for information gathering and inspiration when looking to buy services or products. This is true both for the private consumer as well as the corporate buyer. Companies, i.e. retailers, manufacturing companies or professional services providers, haven’t yet adapted to this trend and treat their web presence more as a shopping window than as an engine/platform to generate and nurture leads and develop business!

Yanel Boost is an extended Web Integration Framework and Content Management Platform that helps companies to generate leads, nurture sales opportunities and increase the conversion from web visitors to buying customers.Yanel Boost consists, on top of the built in CMS, of mainly five building blocks:

  • Logger (logs each interaction and creates the basis for the web user analytics)
  • Profiler/Analyzer (analyzes web interactions, matches actions of the same user and assigns identity if available, continuously expands/details the profile) in combination with advanced semantics in the content
  • Rules engine (defines/selects the right action to take when certain events and profile/history characteristics come together)
  • Scheduler (executes actions based on rules defined in the rule engine)
 The Scheduler and Rule Engine are also called “Marketing Action Manager” in other contexts.
  • Administration interface (creation/editing of rules, semantics and templates)

Basically, Yanel Boost allows to analyze user interactions over time and to take the appropriate actions to help the user, stimulate more demand or to enable the closing of a deal. Actions can be a number of different things, i.e.

  • Personalized email
  • Personalized widget content
  • Personalized content element
  • Personalized SMS
  • Initiated CRM task
  • Personalized newsletter elements
  • eCommerce recommendations
  • Targeted advertisement
  • etc.

The implementation of Yanel Boost allows companies to increase the conversion rate of their online channel. Conversion can happen online (if there are eCommerce functionalities) or offline (through various channels, including the direct salesforce). Increasing the conversion rate means improving the ROI of online investments. Assuming that every unique visitor is worth $4.00 (typical average of companies across many different industries), converting 10% more users means an improvement of $640‘000 for an organization with a website attracting 400‘000 unique visitors per month. This means that investments will already pay off in the first year.
A secondary use of the technology is to internally improve the dialogue with the employees and to foster more efficient knowledge usage.

While Yanel OBDE can be used by almost any industry, tailored versions for specific industry verticals can be implemented to increase competitive advantages. Thanks to its integration friendly and “open” nature, Yanel Boost can also be used in the context of already existing content management systems and online platforms.

Yanel Online Social Media (Yanel Impress)

Online media is fighting against constantly decreasing advertisement revenues and are looking for new business models. Often online news sites and online publications are cross-subsidized by print titles suffering from similar problems. On the other side consumer goods companies and other advertisers are looking for access to very specific target groups (qualified reach). And readers and consumers are more and more organized in social networks and change their media consumption behaviors.

Yanel Impress is a new type of platform combining social networking, online media and online classifieds. With this platform online media can target specific segments being interested in the same topic/subject (for example watches, fishing, digital video, investments, castles, whiskys, etc.). Yanel Impress integrates content management, marketing automation, social networking and other ingredients to provide all relevant features out of one platform. Yanel Impress is highly configurable and extensible to fit the specific needs of the topic or the community. Thanks to the proven basic architecture of Yanel, upgradeabiltiy and extensibility can be guaranteed.

The Yanel Impress Online Social Media is based on the “Yanel Web Application Framework” and “Yanel Content Management and Integration“ and builds a highly flexible platform for simple and highly complex bespoke web applications. Wyona offers subscriptions that ensure ongoing maintenance, extensions and support.

Yanel Impress can be implemented stand-alone or as part of a bigger, already existing media solution. The smallest implementation is the use of a "personal social networking" toolbar, as for example the New York Times provides. 

Yanel Online Product Promotion

More and more consumers and purchasing manager are using the Internet to find products, to compare and to evaluate them. Already today more than 60% of all consumers are for example leveraging the Internet as an information source, when they look for a car or a coffee machine.

Many retailers, product manufacturers or services providers however only show a small part of their product/service portfiolio online, despite the fact that the products are stored in the internal ERP. It seems that managing the descriptions and pictures and connecting internal systems hinders them to show online what they can provide. This results in the fact that people will not include them in their evaluation, will not find the products through Google (search engine optimization) or website search and will go to the competition looking more "complete".

Also, many product providers have to generate specific price lists and products sheets for their retailers and deliver specific data formats for their eShops. Often this is not automated and causes massive manual overhead and unnecessary errors.

Wyona's Yanel Online Product Promotion Edition connects existing data silos (for example ERP systems) and online channels and websites. It provides a comprehensive platform to edit product descriptions (and translations) and allows the addition of pictures and other multi media formats. As the central hub it provides eShop XML data streams, price lists and product sheets automatically as required.

The Yanel Online Product Promotion Edition is based on the following functionalities:

  • Content Management
  • Administration of product catalogue
  • Asset Management (management of pictures and multi media content) 
  • Data consolidation and formatting 
  • Generation of Product Sheets a
  • Generation of Price Lists 

The Yanel Online Product Promotion Edition is based on the “Yanel Web Application Framework” and “Yanel Content Management and Integration“ and builds a highly flexible platform for simple and highly complex bespoke web applications. Wyona offers subscriptions that ensure ongoing maintenance, extensions and support.


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