Yulup WYSIWYG Editor

Yulup is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) content management front-end/editor extension based on the Mozilla/Firefox framework. It comes as a browser plug-in and can be easily installed.

Yulup makes Content Management as simple as it gets! Creature comforts thanks to Yulup!

The key characteristics and features of Yulup are:

  • Integrated into the web browser. There is no gap between surfing the web and editing its content.
  • Yulup is platform-independent, and runs on every machine which also runs Firefox.
  • Yulup is free Open Source software, licensed under the GPL. You are free to change, extend and adapt Yulup to your special needs.
  • Editing of Plain-Text, HTML, XHTML and arbitrary XML with XSLT stylesheets applied documents in source and WYSIWYG mode.
  • Auto-Discovery of editable content.
  • Augmenting the editing process with the help of local templates (e.g. applying default XSLT stylesheets to certain content types).
  • XML well-formedness checking.
  • Support for the open Neutron Protocol.
  • Support for the Atom Publishing Protocol (Draft 09) and the Atom 1.0 Format. Creating, editing and deleting Atom entries. Auto-Discovery of Collections and Feeds.
  • Editing is secure. Yulup supports Neutron-Auth and HTTP Basic and Digest authentication over regular and SSL connections.
  • The User Interface is Fully localisable.

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